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Music Cape Breton's Diversity in Unity

Artist Jimmy Googoo

Vincent Joe was born August 30, 1957 in Eskasoni, Cape Breton. He is the son of Levi Joe and Helena (Dennis) Joe. Vincent first began his musical career at a very young age when his father brought home an old piano. Vincent, barely eight years old at the time, began to practice on the piano and by his early teens he was entertaining and playing with other local musicians. Vincent also learned to play the guitar, banjo and fiddle, although he is most known for his piano playing ability. Vincent has been a member of many bands throughout his lifetime, including Eagle Feather, The Keepers and The Relatives. He has also performed with the late Lee Cremo and developed his first CD with Lee. Today, Vincent continues to perform, either playing his piano, guitar or the fiddle. Vincent Joe currently resides in Eskasoni and is presently working towards another CD.