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Music Cape Breton's Diversity in Unity

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“I think music is more powerful than people understand, and it is a very necessary element for people to have in their lives, to be able to express themselves musically.

I think one of the most important things about music is to give it to young people, to children, and listen to the music that they can give to you.

I think that that music is the purest and most untainted music that you can find anywhere!”

Ronnie MacEachern, quoted in The Cape Breton Song Collection. Sydney: Sea Cape Music Limited, 1985: 121.

The following materials provide a teaching resource for elementary and secondary Music, and Social Studies. The suggestions for teaching, learning and assessment have been adapted from Nova Scotia Curriculum documents, and you will notice that many not only address the curricular outcomes in Music and Social studies, but also English Language Arts. They support the Foundation for the Atlantic Canada Arts Education Curriculum (2000), the Foundation for the Atlantic Canada Social Studies Curriculum (1999), and the Foundation for the Atlantic Canada English Language Arts Curriculum (1996).

The activities described are directly related to the four song traditions, as well as the supplementary materials contained on the web site. Although they are divided into elementary and secondary topics, they can be adapted for any grade level.

Educators Resource Guides

Materials Lyrics & Sheet Music

The bottom-right corner of each song selection page contains a section titled “Learning Material.” Here you’ll find song lyrics and sheet music that have been made available for download as PDFs. Simply right-click on the link and select “Save Link As…”

Some pages also contain additional archival material (including alternative renderings of select songs).

You’ll also find links to related resources on the Web.